What The Hack With Udis Gluten Free Foods

Frugal Canadian Coupon Mom

We love Udis Gluten Free Foods and have since day one. Recently we were given the opportunity toparticipate in their What The Hack food hacks and it took a lot of thinking of ways to do such a task! We aren’t creative but gave it our best and have asked our Facebook fans to help with ideas and hope you’ll enjoy our hacks.This one was a simple garden salad with crushed Ancient Grain Crisps aged cheddar & sea salt flavours.

We also blended the Crisps with gluten-free spices to use as a batter or shake & bake. We simply dipped our chicken in egg and placed it in a bag with the breading blend, shook to coat and baked at 350° for 30-45 minutes. We also decided to do this with meatballs which turned out to be a huge hit.Meatballs
A Twitter friend who happens to write gluten-free cookbooks, shared a…

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