What The Hack With Udis Gluten Free Foods

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We love Udis Gluten Free Foods and have since day one. Recently we were given the opportunity toparticipate in their What The Hack food hacks and it took a lot of thinking of ways to do such a task! We aren’t creative but gave it our best and have asked our Facebook fans to help with ideas and hope you’ll enjoy our hacks.This one was a simple garden salad with crushed Ancient Grain Crisps aged cheddar & sea salt flavours.

We also blended the Crisps with gluten-free spices to use as a batter or shake & bake. We simply dipped our chicken in egg and placed it in a bag with the breading blend, shook to coat and baked at 350° for 30-45 minutes. We also decided to do this with meatballs which turned out to be a huge hit.Meatballs
A Twitter friend who happens to write gluten-free cookbooks, shared a…

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(Pregnancy) Hormones and Miscarriage

this is so true.

The Trial of Labor

I apologize in advance that I am completely unwilling to pretend that I know all of the scienmatific names of all of the pregnancy hormones that especially play into natural pain relief during labor and delivery.  (I’ve had a glass & a half of wine and am keeping my daughter company while she watches “Happy Feet” aka “Penguin Movie”.)

Since my very recent (current?) miscarriage, I have been voraciously reading on the internet.  I was telling a friend today that while my body is “purging” so unceremoniously, that my mind is going through a completely different healing process.  I’m fired up.  I’m mad.  I’m a feminist (well, I have been for a while) with a bra to burn.  And I can’t distance myself from pregnancy and childbirth issues even though I’m no longer pregnant.

So what does this have to do with the title of my post?  Perhaps nothing?  I…

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